People who love the jewelry and art very much or collect the jewelry collections:

IRIS APFEL, famous Fashion-icon New York (USA)
You are a very creative lady, I love your jewellery, it is gorgeous and I want the jewelry for my collection. I wear the necklace Mussel in my film.

ELAYNE MORDES, Palm Beach Florida, Whitespace Gallery (USA)
You are a wonderful creative woman, I love your jewelry so much, it is great and gorgeous and every woman should wear a piece of your fashion jewelry collection. 

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, famous Fashion Designer, Paris (Fr)
Thank you very much, I love your brooch rat and I am wearing it on my jacket.

VIKTOR & ROLF, famous Fashion Designers (NL)
Hello, you look so very nice.

LINA PERLOVA, director Bulthaup Gallery, Sint Petersburg (RU)
I know you now for several years and you keep on surprising me. Your fashion jewelry is just wonderful and different. I am proud of you and happy I am wearing your jewelry.

So great to meet you. I already wear your jewelry, because I bought it in Milan in the MUDEC Museum.

I love your jewelry so much. Happy to meet you, and I am going to wear your jewelry.

MARIJKE HELWEGEN, fashion-icon (NL)
Unbelievable creative and gracefully, beautiful and the combined action with nature and animals, so is my experience with the designs of Ineke.  I am very impressed of her collections of jewelry. It is not only beautiful, but made zo unique and affectionate. I enjoy it a lot of times when I am wearing it.

MAURA CAMINADA, Milan, journalist (IT)
Ineke has an impulsive energy and her ideas come to her from an inner source, that is constantly bubbling with creativity. Her creations are full of humour and colour, they are dynamic and exciting. It is a challenge to change the commonplace.
MAXINE WEINTRAUB, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (USA)
The jewelry of Ineke is really amazing. I love it, it is out of the box and so different.

At the moment I do not wear Ineke’s ring “teacup”, it is hanging on the dark wall at my office. As an object.

VICTORIA KOBLENKO (NL) Very different and outside of the box, I like it.

CINDY PIELSTROOM (NL) Wonderful jewelry and I like the fish collection.