A challenge to look different and make some jewelry or a piece of art. With natural materials like wood, textile, shells, cotton etc.

I make a list of interested people and we can choose a date together.

Great that so many people were inspired by the workshop.

Ineke is very pleased to hear the following reactions:

“It was so great to join and I have made a wonderful piece of jewelry.”

“I made an out of the box bracelet and I wear it every day.”

“I did not realize it was possible to make a piece of art, but I did it.”

“The ring I made is gorgeous!”

“Wow my necklace is great and wonderful with my dress.”

“I love to wear my earrings, they are made of shells.”

“I have met so many interesting people, also very inspiring.”

“I made a necklace and also a bracelet. This set out of the box. So very happy with this combination.” 

ineke arm 72

Bracelet with wood

ineke arm 1 72

Bracelet with wood

arm lavina 72

Bracelet with Shells 

joke tinhlot 1 72

Necklace with Shells

arm 72

Bracelet with Shells 

ketting 1 72

Necklace with wood

marijke hals 1 72

Necklace with wood.

workshop 16 72

Bracelet and ring with Shells

hoera 72

Necklace with wood.

sieraad 2 72

Door object